My Story...

"An injury that changed the direction of my career..."

I have a long history with movement of the body. With my Master of Fine Arts in Modern Dance from the University of NC at Greensboro, I worked as a professional dancer. This led to an injury that changed the direction of my career. In search of rehabilitation, I found Pilates. After 6 months, the pain I had felt for two years disappeared. Amazed by the healing nature of Pilates I became certified. I have been a Pilates instructor since 2004 and am currently a Lead Instructor Trainer. This has allowed me to travel many places from Montreal, Quebec to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE. 


"I have seen remarkable results..."

In 2008, I began teaching Kinesiology while earning my massage license at the Professional Massage Training Center. It was here that I learned about Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT). I was immediately drawn to this very efficient modality of pain relief . Since my certification in PNMT, I have seen remarkable results in my clients which has inspired me to make it my main focus of practice. Stan Brown at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center has been a strong mentor for me. With his 30+ years of experience, I have been able to learn techniques only an intuitive therapist of his level could know. I consider myself very fortunate. 


"The body is an intricate system..."

I continue to learn and add to my business today. I have certifications in Spinal Reflex Analysis, Neurokinetic Therapy Lvl 3, training in SCENAR Therapy and am progressing toward my BodyTalk certification as well. I believe all of these systems working together make a comprehensive strategy to relieve any type of pain. The body is an intricate system with many mysteries unsolved by modern science even today. I am dedicated to understanding it, respecting it, and assisting it in its own beautiful healing process. 


Tracy Maxfield


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