Neurokinetic Therapy & Pilates. "The Missing Link".

"Both are important for fast rehabilitation..."

For many years, I have wanted to combine the hands-on muscle release NMT provides and the active rehabilitating exercise program Pilates provides. With both techniques, a fast and efficient rehabilitation strategy is formed. I use NKT to assess the exact muscles of dysfunction, I release the overfacilitated muscles and bring the shut down muscles back "online". This creates a temporary change in the motor control center. Sharing the assessment with the Pilates instructor allows us to create a specialized client-based program. Only through repetitive movement, is the long-term change made and the motor control center reprogrammed. That is why both modalities are important for fast rehabilitation. Without proper assessment, the key muscles may not be targeted and without repetitive movement the body may return to abnormal patterns.













"A leading edge in the fitness world..."

Although Neurokinetic Therapy was developed in 1985, it is just recently getting the kind of recognition it deserves. That makes this an innovative service to offer clients and can give you a leading edge in the fitness world. In the state of Missouri, I am one of three certified in NKT (my colleagues at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center making the other two since 2014). My background enabled me to collaborate this beautiful marriage between NKT and Pilates.



"We have seen great success in our clients..."

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"We have seen great success in our clients."

"His services have greatly helped my clients and our collaboration has allowed me to work more effectively and efficiently with them during their private Pilates sessions. Mr. Maxfield meets with my clients for body work. We will then discuss his findings and I will then work more specifically addressing the muscles that are not firing to strengthen them and lengthen the muscles that are overworking. With this collaboration, we have seen great success in our clients."

                    --Shauna Smith owner of BodySmith Pilates and Fitness Studio, Springfield, MO

"My client tells me that he is sleeping better and feels more mobile."

Having Tracy work with my clients and providing me with a road map of their body's idiosyncrasies and has allowed me to take the guesswork out of planning for their individualized program.  I can immediately target those areas that were under facilitated and strengthen them, release muscles that are over working and as a result relieve some of my clients chronic postural imbalances and pain.   I look forward to having Tracy come back and reassess my clients and update their program. 


One client had a severe shoulder pain causing her sleepless nights and the even the ability to  lift her arm in a natural movement.  Her condition seemed to be moving towards a more serious frozen shoulder issue.  Immediately after the session with Tracy her shoulder mobility increased dramatically and more importantly without pain.  I continued to follow Tracy's recommendations working lighter resistance with Pilates shoulder work,  gaining strength and range of motion and added active isolated stretching to her program. Within a short period of time (less than 2 weeks), her range of motion increased to an almost "normal" pattern for her and her pain subsided.  Happily she no longer needs any steroid shots or special sleeping props to assist her in falling asleep! 


Another of my clients had chronic issues with his lower back and hamstrings causing several issues including sciatic pain. Prior to Tracy, only weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, chiropractic adjustments provided relief.  After Tracy's visit we addressed the over facilitated piriformis and iliolumbar ligaments by stretching and rolling those areas first, then strengthening the QL.  I  was able to incorporated more AIS and Yoga Asanas into his program and this recipe has decreased his visits to his chiropractor.  My client tells me that he is sleeping better and feels more mobile.


As a side note to any Yoga instructors out there, Tracy's work  has also helped me with my private Yoga clients.  I can get them into specific asanas that will more readily assist to adjust their body's imbalances.  He just takes the guesswork out of where to start in working with your clients.  It's kind of like having to bake a cake - it's a lot easier to do if you have the recipe that works!

                    --Cyndi George M.S. Independent Pilates and Yoga Intrstructor 

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