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"One session with Tracy and he was pain free"

Whenever I hear someone talking their about pain....back, neck, head, etc., I tell them that they need to make an appointment with Tracy because he's the Master of Pain Management! Fortunately, I don't have serious pain issues but, being very active, I've had a few and Tracy goes right to the source and I'm instantly better. For several months after a less than successful knee replacement, my elderly father was living on pain pills. One session with Tracy and he was pain-free.  My son has had 2 unsuccessful back surgeries and lives with varying degrees of back pain.  Again, one session with Tracy and he was able to function again.  He also helped a friend avoid surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you "live with" migraine pain or any type of musculoskeletal pain, if you're considering surgery or have had a "not so successful surgery", you owe it to your body to give Tracy a try! 


Debbie Milligan

Independent Noevir Consultant

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"I felt so freed..."

I was working a lot in construction near graduation and I didn't even realize that I was building up knots in my muscles until I couldn't turn my neck to one side. When Tracy worked on me the first time, I realized how many things my tension had been affecting. Not only did I regain full mobility in my neck, but I literally burst into tears. I had been blocking so many emotions and my body was not allowing me to process my stress. I felt so freed, like I had just escaped a straitjacket my body had put me in.

Merry Yeager

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

"The pain did not return..."

I hurt my knee doing some funky new exercise routine and wound up hobbling around for about a month; then broke down to see Tracy at In Balance Neuromuscular Therapy. Tracy spent about an hour working out the muscles in my leg and voila, I was able to walk out of his office without the pain and no more limping. The pain also did not return. Wish I had gone to see him a couple days after the injury instead of waiting almost a month. In the future, when I do something to cause an injury or pain I will be sure to call and set up an appointment within a few days. No sense being in pain.


Cindy Gortmaker


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"I had been in constant pain for months..."

On Sunday of this week, I visited In Balance Neuromuscular Therapy and Tracy Maxfield for the first time. With a history of chronic back pain, some stemming from years ago and some more recently within the past 18 months, plus a recent injury, I had been in almost constant pain for months. I literally was only able to shuffle my feet when I entered Tracy's office for the first time, and was in excruciating pain. After my very first one-hour session, I am estimating that I am about 90% pain-free, and feel great! I was able to actually pick up my feet to walk out of the office, with virtually no pain!

My 2nd session is scheduled for later this week, and I am confident that after this, I will be totally pain-free!

Interestingly, as the client before me (a Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, no less) left the office, he stuck his head back inside to tell me that he didn't know what my problems were, nor why I was there, but assured me that I was in the right place and that Tracy and his In Balance Neuromuscular Therapy would be able to help me! (The client had no idea that this was my 1st visit!) I had instant confidence that I was in the right place and seeking the right kind of help for my back problems, as I had been pondering to where, or to whom, I should turn for help. 

Thank you to that gentleman client, and thank you to Tracy for his professionalism and expertise in his field!


Laurel Browning

"I feel renewed every time I leave his office!"

Tracy is an amazing neuromuscular pain therapist!  I have been seeing him for about 7-8 years.  I have had migraines and neck pain for over 30 years.  I am always amazed at how Tracy knows exactly where my pain is coming from and how to relieve it. He targets specific areas (always wonder how he knows by touch what hurts-but he does).  Not only is he a very skilled therapist, but he is kind, and caring.  I have also seen him to deal with arm pain, lower back pain and insomnia.   I can walk in his office with a severe migraine and neck pain, and walk out with instant relief.  I would highly recommend Tracy for whole body care and to restore physical balance.  I feel renewed every time I leave his office!


                                                                                                                         Cheryl Landers



"I have seen body workers from all over the world..."

"I am an extreme sports athlete. I have been ripped apart, smashed, crashed many times, and hit by a car. I have been rehabilitating myself from all of these injuries for ever a decade, and have seen body workers from all over the world. Tracy has a very unique expertise from mastering several complimentary healing modalities.  This allows him an incomparable advantage to assess, correct and relieve pain, injuries, and chronic dysfunctions. Within 10 minutes of working with Tracy you will understand that you are in the care of a World Expert. He has put me back together many times, I tell all my friends about him, and I will always utilize him as a resource in my healing process. Do yourself a favor and seek him out! 


                                                                                                                         Devin Dillon

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